As the tradition of our Institute demands, our new students resume every October 15th each year, which marks the birthday of our Father Founder (Very Rev. Fr. Mary Joseph Ononuju Obiaga, CSSp), with a celebration and warmth welcoming of our new Brothers into the Institute.

Our admission processes begin with first conference at the Mother house, Ubahu Okija, Anambra State where those aspiring to join us are intimated on different issues and other necessary information, in the months between March and June each year. This is followed by a written general exam, oral exams. Finally, those who merit admissionare admitted into the Institute.

Postulancy is followed by one full canonical year and three months in the Novitiate house before first religious profession. After first profession, a member qualifies for admission into Philosophical studies and finally Theology. We have our Philosophy and Theology students studying in the most prominent and best Catholic Major Seminaries in Nigeria, viz: St. Joseph Major Seminary, Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State and Blessed Iwene Tansi Major Seminary, Onitsha, Anambra State.

Brief on Postulancy

This marks the first period of formation prior to the Novitiate. Postulancy is a period whena candidate is guided towards learning for spiritual and human formation and maturity for a fruitful novitiate ahead. First, a postulant wears ordinary cloths – light green long trousers and white short sleeves. Six months after, he is clothed in brown cassock for a period of 1½ years before entering into the Novitiate.

Brief on Novitiate

This is a period of deep prayer, meditation, reflection and discernment. It marks a special period of deep spiritual journey and decision when a candidate learns about the Institute’s way of life, spirituality and charisma. This lasts for a period of one full canonical year and three months, under the care and guidance of the Novice Director in the Novitiate house, before a candidate’s first profession/temporary vows.

The Novice Director shall discern and test the vocation of the Novices and gradually form them to lead the religious life according to the charisma of Holy Family Fathers and Brothers of the Youth.During this initiation period, Novices are to attain to a reasonable degree, the following specific objectives:


A life of union with Christ


Deep devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary


The Spirit and Charisma of the Congregation


Fruitful exercise of the Evangelical Counsels and a real Spirit of apostolate and mission


An adequate knowledge of the Constitutions and History of Holy Family Fathers and Brothers of the Youth

The profession is made without influence or pressure, grave fear or fraud. The profession is received by the Superior General, personally or through a delegate.