The Holy Family Fathers and Brothers of the Youth has never relented in reaching the world through various means; this is made manifest through her annual publication of magazine officially called “THE LIMELIGHT MAGAZINE”. It is a veritable pen-Apostolate of our family (the Congregation), in reading and communicating to our country and to the world large, the message of the Gospel. This magazine, though nascent, has been remarked by her audience both in Nigeria and beyond. It is our hope that through this means, the youth, parents, students and indeed all people will reap maximally from her produce.

Below are the already produced Magazines and their respective editors and years of publication. You can place a request on any of the copies here

FIRST EDITION (2009-2010)

Youth: The Heart Of Societal Development. Nigeria As A Case Study.
(Edited by Bro. Okoli Patrick. C.)


The Limelight focuses more on the striking issues pertaining to the youth ranging from religion, moral, sexual issues, politics, education, alcoholism among others. it is our interest to call attention to a number of issues that affect our Nigerian youth, to expose and to correct certain ills and enlighten ourselves on how the youth should maximize their potentials as the future of tomorrow. Thus, this edition is well garnished with interesting, educating, scintillating and informative articles, fictions, poems, riddles and jokes, and news, for your consumption and relaxation.

Let us therefore not kneel down to sorrow and despair. Let us believe that amidst the encircling gloom of our day, our sun will definitely rise and shine again. Therefore, I encourage you to read on and make LIMELIGHT MAGAZINE your number one; you will get the best out of it.

SECOND EDITION (2016/2017)

Reawakening The Culture Of Care For Our Common Home.
(Edited by Modestus Ihediuche, HFFBY) (Now a Rev. Fr.)


In the words of Saint Francis in his canticle, we were reminded that our common home is like a sister with whom we share our life and a beautiful mother who opens her arms to embrace us. But, today, this sister and mother cries out to us due to the harm inflicted on her through our irresponsible use of the goods with which the creator has endowed her. Many of the world’s ecosystems have undergone significant degradation with negative impacts on biological diversity and people’s livelihood. From observations, there is now a growing realization that we will not be able to conserve the earth’s biological diversity through the protection of critical areas alone. Despite the situation, how can we assist in the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged and destroyed? Given that many people now depend on what have become degraded ecosystems to sustain their livelihoods, there is an urgent need to build an ecosystem that is resilient and self-sustaining with respect to structure, species composition and function, as well as being integrated into the larger landscape and supporting livelihoods. There is a call for an examination of our consciences by carrying out a sincere review of our lives regarding our solidarity with our common home. Consequent upon this, Pope Francis in calling to mind the figure of Saint Francis of Assisi in his encyclical LaudatoSi, brings to our awareness that a healthy relationship with creation is one dimension of overall personal conversion, which entails the recognition of our errors, sins, faults and failures, and leads to heartfelt repentance and desire to change. He emphasized that the deterioration of the environment and of society affects the most vulnerable people on the Planet and suffered by the poorest.

Therefore, it is in fidelity to the Spirit of “Laudato Si” (On the care for our common home) that forms the focal point of the LIMELIGHT MAGAZINE, on her second edition; REAWAKENING THE CULTURE OF CARE FOR OU COMMON HOME.

THIRD EDITION (2017/2018)

Facts Of Life And Echoes Of Eternity: Tension Or Joy For The Youth.
Edited by Anthony Ugochukwu Anowai, HFFBY (Now a Rev. Fr.)


Oftentimes, people do not look at value between the choices they make; instead they are curious about whatever interest, comfort or happiness their choices could offer. Many ends are struggling for recognition. Our age is emotionally overwhelmed ‘what will I gain here and now’, and the enthusiasm to follow the call of least resistance. ‘…for while men of the present day are drawn ever more closely together by social, technical and cultural bonds, it still remains for them to achieve full unity in Christ.’’(L.G no 1)

Our intellectual orientation does not equal our religious acumen. People do not look for integrity, power, fame, pleasure and money. People are tendentious, incorrigible with their crock and bastardized ideologies. We are simply prioritizing debased and insignificant ways of life when we act in these truncated manners. Sometimes, this obviously felt concerns are tied to our experiences, our lives and we want to live in peace. How do we look for escape?

We get involved in all forms of dishonest undertakings in order to survive and be happy. But have we achieved that happiness   even in this temporal sphere; let alone talking about eternity? This worrisome road to happiness and survival is just like building castles in the air. What we shall do to reconcile the seemingly irreconcilables we encounter in our daily lives? How do we achieve integrity? How do we go about healthy integration where there is need for that?

Therefore in all that you do or say, torn the searchlight of your conscience inwards. Looking at our contemporary world the picture that emerges is a very sorry sight. There are other experiences (coming from different factors) that tend to move us away from our actual happiness both here and hereafter. Everybody wants to live in harmony while responding to stimuli or vicissitudes of life. We are induced into many obnoxious things by our misguided sexual orientations, concupiscence, unforgiving spIrit, childlessness, unhealthy culture sometimes difficulties in our religious orientation and scientific advancement, all in a bid to escape and be happy.

Consequently, that human beings have dual responsibilities towards their existence, an invitation for a healthy integration becomes pertinent. There is need for true happiness within this temporal and supra-temporal existence of ours. Remember fate may not give you time to demonstrate whatever responsibility or integrity you would like to be identified with.

The youth are in the forefront of these considerations. We are hopeful of a better situation if they could have a healthy information, reformation and formation.

Hence we cannot be dancing to the tune of our biological, political, economic, religious and psychological suggestions, without to question their harmonizing capacity with our temporal and supra-temporal ends. We ask ourselves how do we balance or integrate the worrisome situations of life; the hostilities we encounter in our struggles to make ends meet or to gain everlasting life? Do we find joy or sorrow in the result we get? So our esteemed readers, notwithstanding the inclusive nature of our theme, our interviewees and writers have busied themselves to offer us incisive discussions regarding healthy ways of achieving happiness, not just now but especially in the world to come. With love I invite you to this reviving and invigorating banquet. Cheers! And happy reading.

4th  EDITION (2018/2019)

Sound Education And Skill: A Channel Towards Self Development.
(Edited by Rev. Esieme Paul, HFFBY).


One of the goals of education is self development. To succeed is to establish a personal goal. Without a definite goal in an endeavour, every action will be a venture into emptiness. A goalless youth is like a traveler without destination. Only sound education is capable of making this goal a reality in the lives of young people. It is pertinent to understand that sound education here does not completely imply formal education. Child’s development starts from the family and through conforming reality that success is not achieved on the bed of roses. Therefore certain factors must be put in place in order to be truly developed.

Tomorrow is bright or will be bright is for those who dream big. For a dream to come true, faith and hard work must be properly synchronized. There must be an insatiable desire for excellence. It is the quality of aspiration that determines success or failure in life. Determination to succeed is the quality of being firmly committed to a defined goal with a clear course of action to reach the goal. One cannot develop any skill without discipline and diligence. Diligence puts someone at the very front of excellence. Self discipline conquers laziness and procrastination. It equally leads to self-development. The lack of self control has ruined many youths who had great ambitions. The price of success is self discipline and perseverance.

It is said that man is what he thinks. Developing the “I can” attitude is very important in learning any skill of choice. We must remember that success is in the student and not in the university or any place of learning. Therefore, we must have faith in God, in ourselves and in attaining any of our major purpose. There are times we find ourselves enveloped in a dark gloomy circumstance which tends to becloud learning. It is sad to observe that in Nigeria, the future of the youth all across seems terribly threatened by unpleasant predicament. Hopelessness is not the solution. Always have in mind that there is a bright future for every young person who believes and trusts God with childlike confidence. At the end of the tunnel; is a bright and dazzling light.

Nevertheless, one still asks, how far has family, education and several government policies in Nigeria gone in bringing out the best in the young people aspiring for a brighter future? The next question in mind is likely to be, which way forward?  Therefore the 4th edition of the Limelight Magazine offers us opportunity to learn, with the theme: SOUND EDUCATION AND SKILL: A CHANNEL TOWARDS SELF DEVELOPMENT which aimed at enlightening Nigerians and the youths in particular, in the need to go back to the drawing board, to plan and work for a better tomorrow. May the good Lord increase your joy and peace as you read through the wisdom of our contributors. Deus Caritas Est.

5th  EDITION (2019/2020)

Arise O Compatriots.Still in progress
(Edited by Rev. Igwe Emmanuel, HFFBY)


Who does not know it? That the future of our country seems not to have any end in sight. Yes! Even a newborn can comfortably sense and equally feel the eerie and ominous air or nation is encircled in, as it whines and turns in its crib in the maternity ward. It is needless doubting the granite fact that not in the lifetime of most people has there been so much grave and deep trepidation and lamentation. Fear grips everyone due to the blurry nature of the end. Not even the great prophets and evangelists that have taken over the streets, the public buses and every ware house in town, can either foresee or forecast what the future holds. It is therefore worthy to say without any trace of angst that there is every reason to panic as the faces of the citizens are decorated with despair and depression, refusing to allow the beauty of nature be appreciated in those faces molded and fashioned by the hands of the creator.

Arise O Compatriots’ sounds pleasantly like an old elementary school rhyme or poem which reminds us of the morning assembly routine followed by the ultimate ‘by the left mark time…’ This anthem was to be a national compass, but with the passage of time, we realized how insipid the anthem has become. 

Any one following the political transitions in Nigeria right from the day of independence will agree with me that Nigerians have not had it rosy as peace has eluded the giant of Africa ‘Nigeria’. The irony of this black elusion is that it seemed to have defied solution and transparency in disclosure. This points to the unquestionable fact that it had a successful execution of its deadly plans, not when the ‘watchmen of Nigeria’ were sleeping, but in a broad day light. Perhaps, some who saw it refused to ‘ARISE’.

In the midst of the above political confusions, many ventured to ask: ‘which way do we go Nigeria?’ Are we the cause or are we caused? some in soliloquy, others in public outburst, while others poetically or even through pop music. Little wonder in the famous song “Nigeria yaghara ayagha, Nigeria jaga jaga, everything scatter scatter, Gbosa Gbosa……”of the Nigerian repertoire of pop, Idris Abdukareem shades a vivid image of the kind of country that we live. Truly, the popularity of the above song derives not so much in its artistic ingenuity or the rhythm but for making a mockery of the Nigerian statehood and to point a lucid picture of the verisimilitudes on ground.  These pictures are characterized with sort of plutocracy, political tornados who practice politricks in the name of politics, demon-cracy in place of democracy. We have been deceived by a voice that is Jacob’s and a body that is evidently Esau’s, a lot of democratic totalitarianism, civilian coup d’états, massive abuse of political process, unconstitutionality, economic hurricanes, pursuance of constitution change for personal political gains and everyday brutal silencing of oppositions, reliance on power equation and God-fatherism. No one can certainly chronicle the ills of Nigeria.

Sequel to the above, are we still sure that there is a green light at the end of the tunnel? what will the future be like? or is it not better to fold our hands and watch and take God out of the scene by unwholesome legislations?

All these and many are the worry of this magazine. We want you all to digest them slowly and then act fast on them. May be you can be part of the political force that will bring the desired change Nigerians have been yearning for. I therefore happily invite you to this reviving and invigorating banquet of the 5th edition of the LIMELIGHT MAGZINE, a pen-reaching apostolate of the HOLY FAMILY FATHRS AND BROTHERS OF THE YOUTH (HFFBY). 

To actualize this task, members of the editorial board have thoughtfully selected themes, accepted write-ups, conducted interviews, recognized poems, and garnished it with jokes for your happy moment. The onus lies on you to make it a meal.

Enjoy your reading as I watch you from behind.