Mission Lands

Lord, send me here I am (Cf. Isaiah 6:8)

As demanded by the Church, our Institute (Holy Family Fathers and Brothers of the Youth) primarily and generally observes the pastoral care of the Church, with special attention towards the welfare of the youth. Our Priests therefore promote in a special way, a kind of dual pastoral ministry wherever they find themselves – working for the Church and at the same time, carrying out Youth Apostolate as demanded by the Spirit of our Institute.

Therefore, wherever our Priests find themselves, whether in Parishes, schools or on further studies or on Mission all over the world, becomes an opportunity not only to serve the Church but also to reach out to the youth globally.

It may interest you to know that despite the fact that ours is a young Institute, Our Priests currently operate and run Parishes in different parts of the world. As an Institute engaging fully in missionary works of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, we have our Priests in different missionary lands with deep/great zeal to win souls for Jesus Christ. Our Priests are working in Nnewi and Abakaliki Dioceses in Nigeria, Mamfe and Kumba Dioceses in Cameroun and Diocese of Lancaster in United Kingdom; all within the few years of our establishment.

As a young foundation, our horizon, hopes and expectations are very broad.Currently,we are on the threshold of mission into many other Africa and European countries, hopefully to spread rapidly all over the world as the number of our Priests continue to increase yearly. All these are in fulfillment of the Biblical injunction “go into the world and preach the Gospel” (Cf. Mathew 19:28).