Through the work of your hands you shall eat (Cf. Psalm 128:2). The Institute of Holy Family Fathers and Brothers of the Youth since her establishment in 2002, has continued to sustain herself through the three (3) primary means of sustenance, which comprises Prayer, assistance from good willed individuals and hard-work. As we continue to pray along with the church in and out of season, we continue to thank and appreciate God for the gift of our numerous well-wishers, benefactors, and friends who have contributed their hard-earned resources to keep this work of God moving.

We equally wish to enumerate the little we have been able to put in place through our collective hard work, not losing focus of that very all-important and fundamental aspect of our mission, which is for the proclamation of the Gospel and for the salvation of souls.

To this end, our establishments include the Holy Family Youth Football Academy, Small Scale Farm and Car-Wash.